LevelSequence is Asynchrone [MOBILE]

Please help me, I asked in many discord chats and read multiple forum posts but none of them helped me. (sorry for bad english - i am german)

I have a Level-Sequence where my Audio Component is in it and my Keys to trigger some functions. So my problem is, that on my computer its synchrone but on my mobile phone it isnt.
Moreover i have a “SLOWMO” function because of a ability my character has to slow the time. After the slowmotion everything is asynchrone but only on my mobile phone. So basically i need help to create a slowmo function that slows my game [slow the audio component and the events] Any tips? please.

Solutions i tried:
-split my audio and play it seperately with the level sequence (Worked on my pc not on mobile)
-using global time dilation to change speed of level sequence - worked !
-using pitch modulation - worked! (but not on my phone)
-slowmo console command dont effect audio