Levels streaming issues on Android - stuttering / freezing with default settings

If I use default settings in the project settings for level streaming, the game freezes and stutters when level streams (loads) in the background. The idea of streaming is to have game playing normally, while another level streams in the background. That would provide intended seamless experience.

Unfortunately there are no tutorials or docs explaining what settings mean exactly and how to tweak them to achieve freeze-free and stutter-free streaming. This problem is especially apparent on Android / Gear VR. I can only imagine how it feels like on mid- / low-range devices :eek:

Can someone please recommend good settings for level streaming on Android to avoid freezing and stuttering when loading streamed level in the background?

Thanks beforehand

P.S. Android 6.0.1, UE 4.14.2

These settings works for my game CHASERS:

Thanks, I’ll see if those work for me.

I have the same problem, trying to do the same as motorsep to load while still in game, but thanks to gameDNA is less the freezing but i think my problem is because my level has lot of things to load…

I have another problem with level streaming in android, i dont know why, when my level loads i cant take control of my player, in the version of my game for PC it works great, but for android it just doesnt work, i use spawn actor and posses, does anyone have an example of the proper way to make it work on android from level streaming? right now im using open level node and it works i get control over my character…but if i use level streaming it doesnt…

I’m having this problem on 4.20.3 right now. Unfortunately gameDNA studio’s answer is gone or something… image removed? In any case I have a 360 video running and am switching between sublevels. One sublevel contains about 5 light actors. I even pause the video before unloading/loading a new sublevel, then continue with the new video. In some instances I get a good 10 seconds of stuttering. Stopping the video is instant, unloading the sublevel too. Then comes the stuttering to load the new sublevel and continuing media player with the new video is instant as well.

In the end I had to block during load. Since I was using it in 360 scenes when changing videos I was able to fade to black during the block.

Yeah, GameDNA’s answer is gone. Could one of you repost it please? @motorsep maybe?

Unfortunately I don’t have those settings. I wonder if [USER=“18952”]gameDNA studio[/USER] can post them again…