LEVEL ZERO - Unquie Game apon release will pay


LEVEL - ZERO is a multiplayer Co-operative Third Person Shooter with a focus on tracking targets through exploration in small open worlds to either execute or capture them for in game monetary reward

The game itself takes place in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting involving pirates, robots and aliens in the year 2372.

The story so far…
Humanity is now in an age of technological advancement and interplanetary travel thanks to the intergration of an intergalactic alien empire known as the “Xurgon Hierarch”.

The Sol System has been chosen to be a HUB point for intergalactic arrival and departure and Earth as its star-port, however with the constant flow of movement humanity has had difficulty in policing the systems borders from pirates, cults and criminal organizations and due to this we may lose our place as keepers of the Sol Sector if we cannot demonstrate the ability to defend it.
Opposing faction’s have arisen to take advantage of humanities low capacity efforts to seize locations and expand their own forces further, these factions are as follows…

- The Jovian Raiders:
A division of the interstellar pirate faction “The Dark-Nebula Legion” detached and deployed to harass the Sol System, its namesake is taken from its primary base of operation in the Jovian Sector, the area of space beyond the asteroid belt to the border of the system, they now seek to attack Earth directly and eventually convert it into a slave world.

- The Dominion of Ra’an:
Once they where a force to be feared in the universe, now a shadow of its former self, The Dominion seeks to undo the past and reshape reality to remove the curse they had put on their species, the curse of Immortality, as a result the Alysians cannot die, but also cannot pass on the next life, and cannot bring new life into existance, they seek to take the power Earth holds to fuel their dark magic, and bring about a new reality.

- Project 45:
Efficiency at its best, but at what cost, Project 45 was an attempt to make an automated construction system for starships that has now gone into disarray, reconfiguring machines into more units for their force and “dissasembling” anyone in their way, their goals are unclear, and any attempt to reason with them has proven useless, they will not stop, and therfore must be stopped.

To fight the threats out our doorstep the Ministers of Earth have authorized an older form to dispense justice by authorizing bounty hunting contracts to be paid for in full for both the capture and elimination of high profile operaters within these enemy groups, but to trial this it is not being mass implemented yet, for the first wave of trials the hunts have been authorized in the newly assembled star-port of Hyrafax City on earth, if succesful the trials will expand further

How its played…
The players take on the role of 1 of 6 player characters at a time, each with unique abilities and playstyles that each complement one another during missions. each character consists of a primary weapon, secondary weapon, support ability and ultimate ability. the characters can be individually ranked up to increase their overall health and ability potential, and new weapons can be purchased with the earned ingame currency of “Units”. Player characters are as follows:

-The Collector - Human - Andrew Craine, Former officer of the City, now enlisted to run bounty hunts

**-The Hacker **- Human/Cyborg - Fredderick Thorne, Previously a Datatracer, now using the hunts as a way to dig further into the net legally

**-The Breacher **- Arker - Jackson Reeves, Previously a Jovian Raider, Wants to Undo his past and make a quick buck doing it

-The Reaver - Xurgon - Zephyllion 42, Veteran Reaver of the Xurgon Hierarch, now using the last of her years serving on earth in assistance with the City police force

**-The Sentinel **- Alysian/Automaton - EC037-4387, Previously served in the battle of Atlas 12, unfortunatly the planet fell, now re-deployed to protect Ersojonia in her search for answers

-The Psion - Alysian - Ersojonia Vex, former Battlewitch of the Alysian Empire, now seeks answers to their race’s betrayal through hunting down the Dominion of Ra’an

Players will navigate the world from a Hub point where they select a bounty to take down, each bounty is on one of 6 different maps each with a different theme, aesthetic and difficulty as they descend, the maps are the LEVELS of the cities world and are as follows

-Level 5 - Low end Residential - Urban city
-Level 4 - Industrial and Manufactoring - Factories and warehouses
-Level 3 - Coolant and Flushing - Sewers
-Level 2 - Power generation - Reactors and coolant pools
-Level 1 - Waste recycling - Scrapyard wasteland
-Level 0 - Utility and Maintenence - Dimly lit narrow tunnels deep under the city

What we need…
We are currently in need of** Volunteer developers** to help grow the project further to begin proper funding, we aren’t idealy looking for just professionals in the fields we need, but the more experience the better, while we ourselves have touched the basics we lack the true skill needed, what we need is listed as follows:

**- Multiplayer Developers

  • Level designers
  • 3d modellers for characters and assets
  • A.I programmers
  • Sound designers
  • Animators
  • Jack of all trades welcome to apply**

The First Goal…
our first goal to begin proper funding through the chosen channel Patreon will be to have a Game Trailer for presentation and a playable Demo consisting of one bounty that takes place from the Hub world through Level 5 to kill a boss from the Raiders

The reward…
Once funding has begin each member of the team will recieve a monthly cut of the profit from Patreon, more details to follow as for now we need Volunteers who would be willing to help start without garuntee of success, we have no deadlines currently as again, its just volunteer, but deadlines will be put into effect once funding and payment starts.