Level up & Skill Tree System.

Third year student at Teesside University, This is my final year project. 15 weeks dedicated to one project.
Currently in week 7. Visuals are coming i.e. icons and a more visually appealing skill tree w/ background. This video just shows the functionality of migrating between projects. [HR][/HR]
weekly blog found here [HR][/HR]Any C&C would be appreciated or anything you’d like to see added to the project. I’m working on a Dialogue system to run with this to allow players to level up skills in conversations with NPC’s.

At the moment the stages for migrating the system to another project is to add a system component to the game mode and your good to go. There’s a Bp for the main functions, however this can be deleted and you can use your own.
As for setting up what the player interacts with, it is mainly two data tables, One for the main skills i.e. Speech, Fighting, Athletics and Crafting and then a skill tree Data table for all the skills associated with the singular skill. So you’d have Intimidation, persuasion, haggling or fence for speech. [HR][/HR][HR][/HR]Portfolio Website
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