level up of wild dino modification?


i came to ask if someone have found how the wild dino level up actually?

i ask because i think many people think like me that wild dino are too weak compared to tamed one. so in order to modify that i was thinking of modifying their stats repartition per level up.

i have found the % gained by level and the stats they can level up in the DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_“dino”
but i can’t found where we tell how they choose what that they up. so can we do it? for example forcing wild dino to level up health & damage at each level and another stats randomly?

in the dev kit it seem only possible to tell them to not up a certain stats. (modifying the Can Level Up Value)

another question but clearly only for information since it seem clearly ahead of my actual capacity :
i would like to make it so that for a range of level the dino is smaller or bigger, for example 0-10 is smaller version of the dino, 10-20 is medium size and 20-30 is biggest size, just like how we grow over time, with the level of the dino representing it’s age (enfant-teenager-adult).

i have found in a BP the chance of spawn for each level range (completely forget the one surely in the dino_character_bp) but how would i go to make it so that when a dino lvl 1 is spawn it’s meshe is scale down and when it is a level 30 it is scale up? is it possible to do that actually ?

i’m not good with ue4 for now so i don’t even know too well how to play with bp in the editor with all the branching system :stuck_out_tongue: for now i’m just trying to look here and here what modifying some value of actual bp do (for the spawning for now, will go with stats modifying after when i will be good with spawning xD )

well in hope someone will enlighten me on the first point :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you all a good evening !

Ps : sorry for my bad english, it is not my natural language ^^

I would also like to know so i can apply it to tamed dino stats.

You would need to navigate to each Dino’s BP that you wanted to buff the wild stats on & then make the desired changes. Take a look around and you will find the stats in there for wild vs tamed dino’s.

Example: In the PrimalEarth folder I find “SpiderS_Character_BP” and then open it up. After that I scroll down to where it says AI at the header. I then find AIControllerClass, and then open up that blueprint. I would want to copy both of these blueprints to my mod folder before making any changes (don’t make any changes to Dev Kit files). These would need to be referenced correctly with eachother as well as in a number of other places. To adjust wild vs tamed damage you would want to find the settings under the AIController Class and make the desired changes there.

What BP would you use and what all would you have to link it to?

well in the AI BP all they talk about is what the dino do after being spawn, like how he aggro, how he move or atacked etc…
nothing about changing the way they lvl up in here or i didnt see it :s

i don’t just want to changed damage between them i want to revamp how they level up x), so that wild dino will be more fierce than tamed one :stuck_out_tongue:

for freebandaids, you are looking to changed the stats available at each lvl up for tamed dino? ( for example a tamed rex can only lvl health, stamina and damage after being tamed?)
if it’s that i’m not sure we can there seem to be only one can level up value so it seem to be for wild and tamed dino.

In the Status BP (click on component in the top right hand corner while in dino BP) you can edit the dino’s level stats.

yeah but that’s all, i can’t change the way they up theses stats ?

i dont want to just change at each lvl if you take health you will gain x%

i want to change :
when wild spawn for each level he have he add point in x,y,z stat (each time, like for torpor and maybe food? actually) and a % chance to up another stat (like all the other stats for now?)
and the same for tamed dino, like make it that’s at each lvl up you can up 2 stat.

what’s the purpose :
take a carno :
i tame a wild lvl 1 and level it up to lvl 11 so 10 lvl up.
i will add health in priority then damage and will have a carno around 1000 hp and 300% damage and lvl 1 stamina/speed/other stat.
a wild dino of lvl 11 will have the same health/damage than mine but will have a better stamina, and maybe better weight/oxigen/speed/food but not too much for these since it is randomly spread. but you will still have the armor given by the saddle to counter a little the deficiency in stats. (i know wild dont use the stamina but if you tamed it you will love the boost in stamina :p)

of course the better way to do it is to have a setting for each dino, since a dodo dont really need the same stat than an raptor ^^.
it is only a concept and it will need trying and error to be in good shape and balanced ^^

doing so a lvl 15 player after taming a raptor will no longer be god mod vs all the wild life that are not rex/spini/bronto/mamouth lvl 20+.

I hope to have been more clear in my explanation this time :stuck_out_tongue:

I see were are going for the same effect. I am nerfing how much health tamed dinos get per level instead of buffing wild dinos. Seems like it would make them vastly overpowered against players.

well yes,

for me a dino is not something a man can overthrow by himself ^^ so even full stuff a man can’t hope to deal with carno and bigger dino without thinking and preparation done before. like trying to lure him somewhere he can’t attain you and shooting him from the safe place. And mostly even full stuff a group of raptor that you don’t see coming will kill you easily before you can kill them all.

so it will force player to be carefull when exploring, and staying in groupe. actually we just need to tame a low level raptor to be safe from any harm. i think the tame dino are more or less good at how they are now, a player vs a tamed dino will almost always loose in frontal. it’s just the wild one that are too easy since they don’t gain enough stats when leveling.

we are playing a survival game not minecraft ^^