Level up and earn rewards for reporting spammers?

Seriously though, some form of feedback on whether our reports are doing anything of value would be nice. I often report spam (one thread per spammer account under the assumption that the account simply gets deleted) but sometimes I’ll come back six hours later and those threads will still be there.

Should I continue to report, or am I just sending things to /dev/null?

I guess it depends where on the globe you are.
Sometimes I reply to a thread but have to wait because its nighttime in the Us and the good people at Epic are eitherr asleep or paaaarteyyy :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Reporting spam has absolutely been helpful. There are times when it does not get caught by us and having users report them make it easier to remove the spam from the forums, though as KVogler pointed out, we do not typically handle spam at night (EST) and instead take care of it in the mornings when we get in. Please keep sending them in!

That’s all I wanted to know, thanks!

If you post the IPs of the offenders I am sure some community members would love to attack their networks. :slight_smile:

Let’s spam them :smiley:
They have added me on twitter. So I know their social networks :stuck_out_tongue:

We get the reports, Veovis, dont worry and thanks. :slight_smile: Just today i got 14 in my mailbox and it goes up to 30 in the weekends. Luckily mods are spread all across the globe so you dont have to stare at magicians and astrologers for too long. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually not that helpful, the indian spam is very obvious so if we’re browsing the site and one goes up we’ll likely see it. The stuff that’s really helpful is when there’s spam posts in legitimate threads where we might not notice, or really anything that’s not the indian spammers.


Roger that.

IIRC I’ve reported those as well, though not nearly as often.