Level Transfer

Hi, I recently watched a tutorial, on how to go from one level to another with a loading screen. My only question is how would you make multiple spawn points for one level, example, a staircase, where whichever floor you are on, you head into the staircase, and you arrive on that floor of the staircase. These are the scripts I used. (Note : The loading variable is from the character blueprint)Blueprints1.png

Your question is confusing. What are you trying to do? If you’re making a multi-player game the players usually spawn at the same point when travelling from level to level (ie. they all walk through the same ‘door’ to get to the next level and the other side of that ‘door’ is usually in a fixed space. If you’re making an arena style game where there are multiple maps for players to choose from (or you’re doing a ‘first level’ for a standard multiplayer game) then you just add more player starts and assign them to the proper player I guess (I’ve not actually tried this but that’s how it worked in UE3). I suppose you could do this for every level but then the players would have to find each other every time they entered a new level.