Level textes

Aren’t you bored of the windows , or whatever you are using read me kinda like text files? isn’t there a way on UDK to paint texts on level just like in UE4,
I hate to use text files, I rather have my working list on the level. Specially the main menu.
Does Any body knows if you can?

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Could you elaborate?

Paint a text on the level :wink:

You need to be more specific @Neongho. Do you want text written on the landscape, on BSP, on a mesh? Where?

@Neongho Do you mean render text in a material, or a freeform ability to paint decal shapes on the world geometry during runtime?

To “paint” onto a material at runtime, you can use ScriptedTexture and use something like DrawBlendedTile() to paint onto the material at specific co-ordinates.

I use this approach to paint a fog-of-war opacity mask on a shroud material for my in-game map, which you can see in video:

Text written on a landscape for example, Thanks Cold and Nath, for your attention hehe I hope I don’t disturb you both.

Like this?

Just use the landscape tool to draw a layer.

You can also use a decal.

Yes, decals are the best way to do this, as you can make a simple transparent TGA image in photoshop, write whatever you want, then just make it a decal material in UDK, and you are done.

I have made some grafitti textures (decals) for this Training Map I am going to release as a demo for my game:

Decal Is my choice thanks guys : P