Level streaming

Sorry for the picture, but there wasn’t anything on the internet that accurately describes my situation. Anyways I have a room with two doors and the next room as another two doors(levels) and so on. My question is how can I get the right door corresponding to the player.

For an example: (Follow the arrows) The user wants to go to the left door → then again through the left door, but then decides to go through the right door. How can I make sure I can grab the right levels for that room?

In your persistent level (Main Level) you would load all the “sub levels” (Rooms) into the persistent level. Then use box triggers or some overlap event or volume to determine which door (and thus which sub-level) the player went through and load the appropriate room. So your main level has 10 sub levels or whatnot, player chooses to go through the left door, crosses box trigger 1, box trigger 1 streams in Room 1, player then proceeds to the left door of Room 1, crosses box trigger number 2, box trigger number 2 streams in Room 3 (or however these are numbered) and unloads Room 1 from memory. Repeat the process until each room is connected to a box trigger that will stream in the level it corresponds to.

lol I started to do this before you posted it I’m just going to mark it right

One quick question is there a way to despawn the trigger box after the player has overlapped it?

“Despawn” haha like “destroy actor node”. Sure but why bother?