Level Streaming with a friend

Another map maker and myself want to work on a map together, we have level streaming full enabled, and are just trying to figure out a way to make it so I can work on a sub-level while he is working on another. The original map was could not have been done by only one person.

you have to use source control with perforce or SVN, Me and theguynex are simply using google drive and manually update files we work on

I think you are misunderstanding what level streaming is. It has nothing to do with being able to “stream” it to a friend or what not. I’d be very careful with what settings you are changing if you are unsure of what they exactly do, cause you might create a bunch of problems in the process of experimenting. General rule of thumb, leave everything in the editor settings alone in the Dev Kit, minus PIE dedicated server settings (if you know what they do).

As Uzumi stated, you should use some sort of source control, or manually .rar it up and send it to your friend.