Level streaming vs. multiple levels

I’ve ran into issues with creating transitions to load the inside of houses for a town. I can transition into a house fine, but when returning to the level, there doesn’t appear to be a way in Blueprints to specify which player start to use.

The idea I had to get around this would be to recreate the individual house levels into the town level, above the skybox so the player can’t see it, and using level streaming. This way I could connect all of the assets inside the house with a specific streamed level, and just teleport the character there when entered, and teleport them back when they leave. Is there anything I should be concerned about with this plan? Or any better ways I should go about it? (other than making the house models hollow. It’s a cartoonish game and I prefer the “Bigger on the inside” feel).

You can get around the Player Start issue by simply setting your actor’s location when the level loads in, but your workaround is honestly just better for the player. As long as you use plenty of object instancing and cull objects efficiently, this should be just fine.

The only thing that may be a bother is keeping track of all of the vectors to which you will have to teleport your player character, but I’m sure you know that!