Level Streaming vs Full World Editing


I have some questions regarding Level Streaming vs “Region” map size or full map size. The goal is to find out which one is the best option for my little project as well as general questions about these various options.

The overall map as displayed below (scaled down) is 1.5 by 1.5 KM (1mile by 1 mile approx.) Now what I am asking is what would be the best way to build this world?

Full World: (Concept)

Would the “full world” size be feasible regarding game loading, LOD etc but still allow multi user building at the same time? (know it can be done with some plugins)

Next up is “regional world” meaning various parts will be created as standalone and then connected with either zoning or would streaming work for this type?

Regional Editing: (Concept)

I do know that it would allow various “users” to edit the different parts of the island and also allow easier terrain editing but is it a “useful” way to build a world so to speak?

Finally, we have full world streaming where the area is cut into chunks as displayed below:

Streaming Entire World: (Concept)

Now this is the one I have the most questions for so I created a short list:

  • Once all the “cells” have been created and setup in the master level, can you edit all cells at the same time and thereby match the terrain “perfectly”? Like you don’t have to open a cell to edit it? (Micromanagement)
  • Does it allow you to paint continuously via the master level across cells?
  • What would be the ideal “size” for a cell to be rendered correctly on a medium spec PC? (50x50 meters, 100x100 meters and so on)
  • How would build an area like this work? Like placing houses, rocks, vegetation and where would these be saved?

IMO it does appear that the regional (streaming or loading) does appear to be the best option as it does allow several users to edit the world at the same time without to many plugins and also easier to manage than full cell streaming. What do you guys think/recommend?

General questions about build in UR4:
Using the default 3rd person rig, what is the ideal size for internal content like a castle interior when using the default camera settings? (when compared to current house sizes)
Tips on LOD settings and how many is recommended per standard model is welcome as well as tips on how it actually works

If more inforamtion is needed as to what I am talking about, let me know and I will provide examples :slight_smile:

Look there are just way to many depends answers that have to be met to provide a real answer. Streaming is probably going to be what you need.

The setup is going to be interesting to say the least if you want multiple devs working on it at the same time. Which isn’t technically possible unless you can stream multiple map files together and I don’t think so. All streaming is done inside the same map.