Level Streaming Volume and World Composition

In UE v4.4.0, I enabled “World Composition” in “World Settings” and assigned all levels to a new layer with disabled “Streaming distance”.
Now, placing “Level Streaming Volumes” has no effects: there is no way to associate them to level to open and also their event “OnActorBeginOverlap” doesn’t fire.

only work around is to add an ordinary “Trigger Volume” and call “Load Stream Level” function.

Right, levels streaming volumes can not be used with world composition. Level streaming volumes can be stored in persistent level only, this is not useful with big worlds, as you don’t want put much stuff into one shared level.

Ordinary triggers does not have such restrictions, so you can place them into sub-levels.

Thanks for clarification!

problem is then in documentation: at World Composition in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation is stated that “Levels assigned to a layer with streaming distance disabled will be excluded from distance streaming, and can instead be controlled using Level Streaming Volumes or Blueprints.

That’s an oversight in documentation. We will fix it!

I Have same problem, I cannot associate a Level Streaming Volume with a level, Im using V4.5, it seems to me like a bug, in many videos an tutorials they right click and then there is an option that says ‘associate level with volume’,
but I cannot see that option, neither option New Level from Selected Actors, it is quite confusing!, please improve documentation and explain how can I see these options. >_<

Hi Daniel,

I’ll be addressing your questions from several posts here: