Level Streaming problems

Please help me! I’m very confused in level streaming. I’m using UE4.4.2, blueprint only(I can use C++ too, but this is easier for me). When I add a level in Level Window, level isn’t in same place as in tutorials. screenshots from tutorials aren’t equal with my screenshots.This is just first problem…:frowning:
How to use Level Streaming Volume? First I have to create a new level and design it? Or I just need to drag-and-drop a Level Streaming Volume and create “new” level in it?
If I get a very useful answer, I will give a very nice gift, after my game is ready. :wink: Anyway Thank you for answering this stupid question!

Hey ,

Level Streaming has changed a bit over last few versions of engine, so tutorial you’re following may be outdated. Here’s a basic run-through for 4.4:

Levels window will start with Persistent Level. To create a new Streaming Level, click Levels button in toolbar for drop-down menu and select Create New… this will prompt you to save new Level with a unique name. You can also choose Create New With Selected Actors… this will create a new level and populate it with any Actors you have selected in Scene.

Then you can create Streaming Volumes that encompass area of your level that you want to stream. Make sure your Streaming Volumes are in Persistent Level, and not any sub levels, or they will not work! You can then assign any streaming volumes to levels by opening Level Details window. With Level selected (double-click it to make it current level), click Level Details button in Levels window toolbar (it looks like a magnifying glass with a question mark in it). Streaming Volumes section will allow you to add as many streaming volumes as you want. drop-down for each volume slot you create will list all volumes you can use. Then you should be good to go!

As a quick setup example, create a new Blueprints Top-Down project. Select 9 closest boxes in level, and choose Create New With Selected Actors in Levels window. Call it LevelOne. Then select 10 farthest boxes in level and create a second level named LevelTwo. Your two new Levels will appear in Levels window. Double-click Persistent Level in Levels window to make it current, and then drag two Level Streaming Volumes into your scene. Stretch one out to fit over area of closest 9 boxes that compose LevelOne (making sure to increase height of volume as well so that camera will be inside it during play). Stretch second over other 10 boxes of LevelTwo. Open Level Details window for LevelOne and create a new slot for a Streaming Volume, and assign first volume to it. Do same for LevelTwo and second volume.

Now Play! You should see blocks appear as you run from LevelOne to LevelTwo, and vice-versa. There are other settings you can play with in Level Details (including Initially Loaded and Initially Visible, which you might want to set for LevelOne, for example).

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any trouble or additional questions.

Hey ,

Is this a new way of doing this as frequently, this way came up in searches (2mins in) https://www…com/watch?v=YIKa3riX_MI#t=2m00s ?

Basically you can right click in levels list and add it so a selected streaming volume located in persistent level. Unfortunately I couldn’t get that to work, only way you described above works for me (through level details).

Hi elgreeno,

video you linked to is from March, 2014, at which point we were still in 4.0. I haven’t gone through this video entirely, but I know there were many changes between 4.0 and 4.4 (which I wrote about above). There may be some changes since 4.4, but what I wrote above should still be fairly accurate.

In V5.5 and V4.4 level details panels doesn’t show any level streaming volume section.(right side of picture), also option that says create level form selected actors doesn’t exist. this is a big problem, it something all of us are missing in set up or is a bug? how come newer versions are worst than older version?,

Hi Daniel,

Do you have World Composition enabled? Level Streaming options do not appear while WC is on.