Level streaming - persistent level

Is this possible to unload persistent level? I just started learning UE4 and my mistake is that I made everything in my persistent level and later I learned what level streaming is, so I created new level but I can’t unload persistent level from memory. Is this possible? If no, how can I transfer everything from persistent level to another without breaking all blueprints and foliage?

No, you can not unload the persistent level. You don’t necessarily have to have anything on the persistent level though. It could simply be empty. Think of it as a scene root. You can select all your assets and transfer them to whatever level you want.

This video should show you everything you need to know. Unreal Engine 4 - Introduction to Level Streaming - YouTube

Hope this helps!

Yes, it does seem like foliage will need to be redone. In this case you are going to have to redo that work but in the future simply keep an eye on which level is the current level you are working in when painting foliage or placing certain blueprints. Good luck with your project!

Okay. Now I know everything. As I said I am playing with Unreal Engine 4 for about 3 weeks so far. This is my first “more serious” project. Thanks a lot :wink:

So all foliage painting must be redone? Because it’s disappearing. + all blueprints rebuilding. I appreciate your help, thanks.