level Streaming or not to level stream?

Hi all,

I am working on a hybrid RTS.

The basic size of my landscape is 16KM X 16 Km (that’s what I have chosen for a very large playing area).

Because this is an large RTS and not an open world rpg or something like that,** Is it a good design choice to forego anything to do with level streaming? or is level streaming mandatory?**,

…because of the fact that I will have multiplayer capability (for 4 players), and there are “automatic actors” on the landscape, but they are not like interactive NPCs. There will be structures in the game that are houses, buildings, etc stretched over the 16KM square area.

So, to clarify my question, is level streaming recommended or is it not nessesary for RTS play.??? Anyone out there with RTS experience?

Thanks in advance all you beautiful people :slight_smile:

new to unreal

You don’t need streaming just because you have a large landscape. The engine should handle things for you.

You only need streaming when you want to swap or load levels while the game is running, which doesn’t sound like you have here.