Level streaming into production. Is it the right choice?

Hello and thanks for any help with these questions. I am working my way out of prototype into production and want to make sure I have a good grasp here so I can start with the right foot forward. A great example game for what I am after is Inside. A continuous sidescroller with no loads.

  1. If I am making a “no cut” sidescroller is level streaming the right choice or should I be looking more into Compositions?
  2. Is there a way to making sub levels inside of sub levels? Would love to have an Ai layer per level.
  3. I saw in the UE4 training on streaming levels that if large enough the persistent level becomes a bottle neck. is this still true if I only have 2 - 3 levels loaded at once?
  4. if I make this level too large will i suffer from the shuttering that can come from being to far from 0,0,0 or are things relative to their own level. including the character when he enters that space?

Thanks for any help here!

Thank you! This makes me feel much better about getting started with this.

  1. I tried loading in a level that also had a sub level but only the persistent layer loaded. I even tried calling that levels sub level by bp after it loaded but it didn’t work.

  2. character is moving its a full 3d level, just played in 2d. Like you said if I do a full level load once or twice should be fine.


  1. Streaming will work ( afraid I don’t know about composition ). I’d recommend streaming volumnes in your case.

  2. You can’t nest levels, it’s persistent and the streaming levels.

  3. I think you have to push it a long way for this to happen. I have a massive amount of stuff in streamed levels and it works fine. It really depends on how much details ( and stuff ) you have in the levels. You might have to go for the occaisional ‘end of chapter’ load.

  4. I’m pretty sure location is taken from the persistent level, because the other levels are ‘overlayed’ on that. Are you really moving the character along, or are they just making motions, and the levels is scrolling past them?

EDIT: I just read it back: 2 should have read ‘you can’t nest levels’ :slight_smile: