Level Streaming in Blueprint

Hi, I am using two levels named StartRoom and Kitchen and I want to use level streaming to move player between them. Right now I can see both my levels in levels streaming but I cant move between them so how do I fix it?

What do you mean you can t move between them?

If the character can t reach the second room it s probably a collision probleme.

I use a door with collision to block player from reaching next room and a navigation bounds volume thats equal to size of both levels. But I cant reach next room after I unlock it.

Add the collisions from the viewport panel to see what happens.

Personal preference but i wouldn t use level streaming for a so little area, just rotating the door when you want to allow the player to move forward.

Anyways try to delete your door to check if something else block the way and try to extend your stream volume, you don t need it, the walls will do it themselves