Level Streaming: How to load map at same time as Persistent level, but still stream it out?

Question is basically in the title. The Wiki says you can either have it so the level is always loaded (so loads when persistent level loads up) but cant stream it out, or you can load it via blueprints/c++. I tried loading on begin play of the persistent level, but theres still a short gap due to the load time. I want to stream in my Main Menu map at the same time, with no pauses in between, but still stream it out and stream in other levels. Anyone know how?

Yeah, I kind of wish there was a way to change the Level Streaming Method.

Also, since the LoadStreamLevel has a timer when the level has finished loading, can’t you have like a loading screen until the loading is done?

You can set a level to always be loaded so it loads with the persistent, and then unstream it using “Unload Stream Level” from the persistant level blueprint.

Yeah I could do that I suppose, and I’m still going to have a loading screen in (one of the reasons I’m switching to level streaming currently + so the engine doesn’t hang) but It’d feel a little less hacky if it just loaded up at the same time I guess.

Are you sure? I’ll go ahead and try this, as I haven’t yet, but I figured it wouldn’t work since the wiki says that a level set to always loaded ignores any streaming calls from blueprints/c++.

e: Well, looks like that did the trick. Seems like you can just unload it. Wiki is a little misleading there, but thanks!

Why not have your main menu map not in your persistent level and instead only load the menu on startup, once the user loads a save or whatever you load the persistent map where all your other lvl streaming is setup.
This way you would probably get next to no load time for your menu and only one loading screen when loading the persistent lvl.

I mean, I think you do have to have a loading screen the first time the persistent level is loaded, the streaming only kicks in once that is loaded.

Edit: Oh, seems like you already got what you wanted with the unload lvl :smiley: Forget I said anything :stuck_out_tongue: