Level streaming get stuck


Currently we are using UE 4.9.1, async level streaming working correctly without hitch.

However, Once I invoke StaticLoadObject during streaming, main tick will freeze for a few seconds until

the current streaming level being completely loaded .

How to avoid this?
(we can’t afford to change all StaticLoadObject to AsyncLoad)


i have same problem!

I got the same problem.

the situation is very serious,
I also got this problem ,
frame rate becomes low, even crashes

If you load an object using StaticLoadObject while you are streaming what you will force a flush of any pending async loading, which will result in hitches and load your remaining levels in a blocking fashion. So your options are really not to perform any blocking loading while you are streaming or implement async loading.

Thanks for your answer ! (although my problem does not get resolve yet)

I wonder why unreal do this mechanism. I used async loading just because I don’t want to block main tick,
but they do block.

Current my solution is to reduce static load as many as possible…

If you are streaming even a single static load will flush async loaders, this is required because of the assumptions async loading assumes to be efficient.