Level Streaming Don't Work Properly on 4.19/4.20?

Hi! I try to create open world using landscape that combined from tiles by using the tool “Move to Level” this part works fine but when I try to unload a part or a sub-level from the world composition I can’t do it without using the Event Tick for every sub-level personally and also can’t delete or remove from the level list other levels that I don’t need in the open world.
I using UE4 4.19/4.20 and when I tried that before in older versions I don’t find problems like that.
Please if someone know how to delete or remove sub-levels from the levels list and how to unload levels without using the “Event Tick” and unload the level only ones like if I’m using “Event Begin Play” because if for example in this moment I need to unload 100 levels and I using Event Tick all my memory will go for unloading every tick 100 levels and this is insane and gets from me tons of resources.

Don’t have full options variations when I have all sub-levels enabled.

Example sub-levels with “bEnableWorldComposition” equal to true the same configurations as in the first picture.

The full option variations before I set the world composition.

Problems with unloading sub-levels from the persistent level in my case I need unload every sub-level personally by using “Event Tick” this is not the correct way to do it…

Update: Everything work fine when I don’t use the world composition option (can use blueprints and don’t need the “Event Tick”) only one problem stay, the problem that I can’t load/unload stream levels as much as I want with loop only personally like in picture e4(last picture) the only change is not an “Event Tick” now it using only “Event Begin Play”.