Level streaming & disabled World origin shift

Would someone please be able to clarify as to how does Level streaming operate when the world origin shifting is disabled (i.e. multiplayer game)

  • Does each individual level have it’s own origin? - I.e. we do not shift world to the player’s position, but to the current level’s origin instead
  • Are you still limited by the maximum size level or can you go beyond the 20kmx20km?
  • If each individual level does have it’s own origin - how are collisions handled at the level boundaries?

I am designing a space-based game and floating point errors appear to become an issue at long distances from the world origin. I would appreciate any other ideas beyond level streaming (if it even works!) that could also minimise the FP error problems.

Thank you!

Did you find any information on this? I’m looking into making a co-op rpg for oculus quest and I was thinking of using level streaming, but I do not know at what point floating point errors become an issue.

I’m not sure world comp is something I can use here either.

I wrote a quick blog post on how to do this
UE4 Streaming Navigation Data from Instanced Level – Life Art Studios