Level Streaming ? Anyone know how the Caves work ?


this is all i find out untill now and it dont work for me xD

All the level in TheIsland are in 1 of 3 Levelstreaming groups

1 Uncategorized Streaming Distance 50,000
2 NearStreaming_Distance20000 Streaming Distance 20,000
3 InclusionVolumeStreamed Streaming Distance 1

Most Levels loadet the whole time and all Far levels are in “Uncategorized”.
All Near Levels are in “NearStreaming_Distance20000”.
All Caves are in “InclusionVolumeStreamed”.

All the caves dont load at the start of the Map and need to be loadet a special arean infront and around the Cave.
In “Streaming Level Names” you set the cave and some near levels around.

Now here begins the problem…

What happens in TheIsland -> if i enter a cave it loads and will not be unloaded until you close your client (no dinos fall down or get lost)

What happends in my Map → if i enter a cave it loads and will be unloaded after i left the “Streaming Level Names” zones… so all tamed animals fall down and are in the water under the cave… (for Users a lost)

I tryed to copy every thing the do on theisland so anyone have an idea what i did wrong ?

and you copied everything in the level blueprint regarding said cave?

I tryed too most cave things in the level bp only changes the fog and the light

Well i asked Jat for information regarding the caves roughly 5-6 months ago so it should be here any day now

Hopefully complex minded will be able to give us a little more info on caves in this thread. Post the short version of your question here and I will add it to the list of questions: