Level streaming and spawning actors

Hello, again me.
So, I made inventory with drop button and two levels with level streaming.
Now, problem is when I drop item, it actually spawns it ( drop action spawn actor ) and even if i exit, unload that level items are not saved in that level, they drop into void or just float in air.
Is there a way to make everything that you do in that level, stays there ?

Are you talking about persistant items. ?? So lets say you drop a potion in youre drop function create a custom function or event that records the items transform x,y,z coordinates etc plus any other relevant information this could be stored anyway you like ( eg a structure, an array, q datatable, individual variables ) (quick way just transfer this info to game instance as it persists through level load) then when you stream the level have a ui loading screen come up. Respawn the objects into the correct places once everything is where it needs to be hide the loading screen and show the game.

Another alternative is to use the save game blueprint nodes but this will save the information to the clients computer which is insecure and could be used to cheat etc.

Best method altogether is mysql database hidden behind an abstract layer like php or webserver etc then have the server check everything (authority) but this isnt easy to set up

I’m currently making single player campaign game and savegame blueprint is good enough, and can you help little bit more with that… Anyway, thank you !
How to set specific actora when spawned to get saved in that blueprint,