Level Streaming and Nav Meshes

I’m still very green with unreal so I’m not sure if what I’m wanting to do is even possible and I hope I can explain this in a way that makes sense. I have a persistent level set up with 2 sub-levels. Now this works when just hitting the play button but not with Launch. The goal, is upon overlapping a trigger box, to teleport the player to a random level (at the moment obviously just one of the two I’ve made). I’ve tried to use level streaming, teleport, move actor to location, and I cannot get any of these methods to work properly. I have looked at documentation, searched the forums, and been all over YouTube (including Unreal’s channel) but to no avail. Like I said, it seems to work fine (with level streaming at least) when I hit play but not Launch. I set things up with level streaming with a variable array of level names and in play it will randomly choose between one level or the other. If anyone has already been able to accomplish this, any input would be greatly appreciated.

I do have a second issue. I know that Nav Meshes don’t work across level streaming except when implemented in the persistent level. I’ve done this but still cannot get my AI to move. This was working when I only had the persistent level and 1 “random” level created but as soon as I added another level, it stopped working. I’ve tried deleting the nav meshes, deleting the recast, setting recast to dynamic, and a dozen other methods. None of them seem to work though my AI still move in the persistent level (this will be the tutorial level when the game is finished). I don’t unload the persistent level when opening one of the random levels so I’m not sure why the nav meshes aren’t working. Again, any help, input, or proper tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

I am a solo developer and current Computer Science Major, so please be patient with me as I am still learning a lot.