Level Streaming and Lightmass

How does Lightmass and level streaming work together? Say I need to build a large 4km world packed densely with different themed areas (with very unique lighting in each area). The world needs to be seamless, so I want to use level streaming to bring in the areas as needed. Fully dynamic lighting and GI would be preferable, but since that’s not an option in UE4 yet, can each level have its own Lightmass bake and still be streamed in as a part of one master level?

Levels are separate files, so they would each have their own lighting baked

And all that baked lighting remains when being streamed in the master level? I’m not very familiar with UE4’s level streaming system.

Thanks for the reply by the way.

All level streaming does is that it loads another level into the current world once you get close enough