Level Streaming And Garbage Collection Optimization Tweaks In Unreal Engine 4

Hello all! On my work I was tasked with optimizing/tweaking Level Streaming, Gargabe Collection and PhysX behaviour (basically, open world games cornerstone) to avoid hitches during the game.

I found only a bit of information about how to do that. Indeed, source code helps a lot but every time I had to dive in and it took a lot of time in the end.

As a result I’ve decided to put everything I’ve found in first iteration in one article so it will be easy for anyone to find almost all import commands related to Level Streaming, Gargabe Collection and PhysX settings (so your open world games can run much much smoother then they are by default).

Here is the article.

Please note that it just goes through a lot of engine code and targeted more for those people who is looking for good starting point to tweak engine systems related to open world without engine modifications at all.