Level streamed NavMesh volume behaves weirdly when moved

I’ve been trying to tackle this issue from time to time but I cannot find a solution.

I have a very basic AI set up that will move towards the player, firing at them whenever they’re close enough. They work exactly as intended when placed in a persistent level.
I am now trying to stream in levels with these enemies in them, each level also containing a NavMeshBounds Volume. The level streams in correctly and both the AI and the NavMesh are in it, however the Navigation System doesn’t update, so the AI won’t move.

If I pop out of my character and back into the editor, I can manually “wiggle” the NavMeshBounds and they update, and, as soon as I hop back into my character the AI starts moving towards me.

The Navigation system is set to Dynamic, however it seems that the streaming and moving of the level doesn’t warrant an update from it.

Any suggestions on potential solutions or things I have overlooked would be much appreciated.