Level Stream Migration

In another project I used level streams to toggle meshes of specific areas: towns, cities, wrecks, etc. to lessen resource use. In a new project we used tiled level streams to section out our world environment but we did not do the same for the meshes as we had previously.

I still have the old project with the area specific level streams intact and wouldn’t mind migrating them to the new tiled project. I already understand how to do this but have a few questions related to what will happen before I attempt the migration.

  1. When the level stream assets are migrated how will the stream be placed in the new project? My preference is to have the location specific level stream and a child entity to the parent level stream tile. Is this how it works? Will I have the opportunity to place it precisely where I want it?

  2. I would prefer is the lighting settings for the location specific level streams not migrate with the meshes to the new project. Does this occur?

  3. Since the location specific level streams contain only buildings and objects specific to a location will its presence in a new project, where the physical topology is not the same, cause problems? Or is this level something I can easily place where I need it to be?

Lastly, do you recommend this course of action? Is it more trouble than its worth?

Thank you in advance