Level Skybox texture on side

I followed the tutorial here

And doubled checked my placement of rotation of images is correct but on loading the image up a DDS exported from the AMD tool and setting everything for skybox texture and material when when I check the image on the skydome is flipped on its side so bottom is now the front…

I tried seeing if it was my images so I loaded it up in unity and then checked also in pano2VR program that allows loading images in a set and applying to cubemap and all the images show proper for cube alignment in those programs…

use Ogre3d as export setting.

where do I select that in the AMD setting? or do you mean in photoshop with the NVidia tool-set? because I dont have Photoshop and am using the AMD tool.

We had quite few topics about SpaceScape here

this is what i wrote about it year ago:
"I found that AMD/ATI tool is easier to use than nvidia and photoshop. Spacescape is great for rendering some stars and nebulas. If i remember when you export from it for ogre engine all pictures have correct rotations for ATI tool and all you need to do is importing those pics to ATI tool , then cubemap to Unreal. "
Sorry i do not remember much details about it.

when I say I followed the tut in video I did not fully mean I was attempting to use spacescape to generate and bring in my images, I was just using the steps in the video to align and set up my images not generated with spacescape and how to setup a skydome in unreal4. so my problem is not exporting out of spacescape but bringing in a cubemap in DDS to unreal4 since it seems something is wrong since it shows ok in amd but on importing into unreal4 the skybox loads ok only its flipped on side for how its showing it.

The cubemap is also properly showing on the AMD marble and skybox preview.

managed to get it working just redid the images and replaced there position for what was in UE4