Level size


I’m curious how you guys are creating your maps?, because when I’m creating a map with the default blueprint character, the map is kinda too big.
When I’m using the terrain tools to make small hills and holes, they are 2x deeper/higher than my character, even when I’m using a small radius & strength.

Do you just increase the size of the character? that would be my solution.


I personally just build everything around the character’s size :slight_smile: -> just use the erosion or smooth tool to make your hills smaller + make sure to place meshes, because then it wont feel so “open”/big

To create a level for the standard character size , I have to use the smallest strength and a very small radius that you can’t even see any changes.
I think it actually don’t change anything

How big is your character? -> I would scale it up to the size of the blue third person guy :slight_smile:

I’m using this third person model ._.

Could you probably record a video, because I always use the blue guy size and I never have any problems with it -> Strenght of around 0.15

with a strength of 0.05 it might work for me :>

I’d certainly start with the scale of your character (remember, 1 unreal unit = 1cm ) and work from there. I’ve found it easy to get out of scale when youre not paying much attention to it, and when working in landscapes, softer brush strength is always your friend :slight_smile:

Here is a picture that shows how it looks like in my case. The character has the size of the blue man:

(radius = 350)

Normally it should look the same for you ^^