Level Size

Hi! Im making a open world game and the game world is africa and i wonder what is the biggest size of a world you can make in ue4?

Depends how big U want really ? Now if U want a real location imported to the real scale then U need some research and height map of that location . But , I hope U’ll keep performance ,details , lighting in mind too . Also if the landscape is too vast U may divide it into different levels with smooth level transition/load so that it looks like a single big level(Think about minecraft and rethink of what U want a single big level or multiple small levels with smooth level loads).
I am giving this link u’ll need only sign in .

Hi! thanks for the reply i have looked at that site and i got things done :smiley: but as you said “think of minecraft” If i could choose i could rather have 1 big open world map like arma 3 instead of csgo you know.

Ur choice bro have a nice day as well as a better year :slight_smile: