Level size

Hey there!

I already created a small level that I exported into a playable “game” just to try and see how it works.

However, the whole package is almost 1GB in data size, which is just too much for the little I made.

I believe that the starter level (the one with the boxes etc. from the thrid person blueprint) is stilll there somewhere and takes up space.

I also wondered if I can reduce the size of my entire level, like removing unused space; Currently, my map expands what seems like infinity. It’s just not needed that I render all the lightmaps for the entire thing all the time, as I have no need for the countless amounts of space just filled with a simple grass texture.

My question is as follows: Can I delete parts of my level? If so, is it possible to make the level map bigger afterwards (like adding new places etc.)? I’d like to have some kind of open world, yet I also like to work on the different areas independently as render times are reduces by a lot this way.

Do you probably use the starter content? -> delete it, then your packaging size will go down to 300MB :wink:
As far as I know you cant delete levels (the blank space between your meshes/landscapes and the infinity), but actually that doesnt matter -> the lightmaps just get baked for the mesh!

I actually need some of the starter content for my level, though. I have no own textures right now (as I don’t even know how to make them), which is why I need those. But why would they make the data size as big? It’s not like I actually use all of them in my level…

When the lightmaps are just baked for the mesh, does that also mean they only need to be rendered once? It already takes some time, and I wouldn’t want for a bigger map to load hours in order to re-render already baked lightmaps.

  1. unfortunately everything gets packed, not just the used content -> so move all the needed content into a separate folder and delete the rest
  2. you just have to build/render the lightmaps once -> after that the shadows are baked on the lightmap till you move something in your level (then you have to build them again). So before you package the game just build your lights (or use dynamic lights -> not so good for the performance)

Is there a way to make a single .exe file with just the content thats used?