Level sequencer rendering the wrong Camera/Level Sequence

Hey guys,

I’ve got a few level sequences made up in my level to create some simple shots to show the level.
I’ve done this multiple times on other levels i’ve made with multiple level sequences and multiple cameras on once sequence, however, right now, i’ve made a new sequence and just have one simple shot happening.

It’s all set up like I usually would, i’ve selected the correct camera on the timeline, when i click play it plays exactly how it should. But when i want to render the movie to capture, i click capture movie and for some reason it keeps going back to a previous level sequence and captures that instead (with the setting from the new Sequence…).

Any one able to help me here?

Many thanks in advance.

Check your camera bindings and make sure the level you think is assigned.

Thanks, but where do i find the settings for this?
Is this in the level sequencer or a blueprint of the camera…?

I did find that the render will capture the camera once it’s rendered the other camera/sequence, but only renders it starting a few seconds in. …If that changes anything…

Thanks again!

Sorry, yeah found the Camera Binding ID and it’s all set up for that camera as usual.
As i said, it plays through on the playback like it should, just begins to render another sequencer timeline instead and THEN renders the new one from a few seconds in…

There’s no other cameras on that sequencer beside the one i want to render, yet it seems to find a previous sequence instead.

There is also another sequencer on the level. But that one doesn’t affect the render.

be aware if you have added you’re level sequence to another sequence and ‘cut it in’ then the images even on the original level will be bound by your other sequence.
If you go before or after your edit frames will i use the other sequence camera. And you need to make sure all the little camera icons are enabled on each track.