Level Sequencer not openable for much longer

Hi all,

first, thanks for that forum. Its a real help.
But there is a little problem, i couldn’t solve so far.

Its about the level sequence(er).
I started to watch a beginner tutorial that shows a lot of things to know.
That specific video i watched turned around the Master sequence, shots and animations.

When it came to keyframes, i did some mistakes and deleted some of them by pressing entf (after a click on it). Since then, i can’t open the Sequence/shot/animation. I mean, i can, but i don’t have a true access, because it’s visible in the taskbar, but i nether can open it, nor its to pull. And in addition to that, all “logos” are marked with a rhombus.

I’ll give you 1 Screen in the attachment (2 aren’t possible for a beginner).
I hope, its helpful.

Thanks so much for your time. If there is some more information you need, just ask.
Kind regards


(((Ah …sorry for my english, its not very good, but ok for an european writer/speaker i hope)))

i can only guess it’s on a different monitor if it’s not showing up in your main window

Hi :slight_smile:

thanks for your fast answer. This was the problem, exactly. I just changed my monitor settings, then, i could grab the window again. Thanks for your time. Have a nice weekend :slight_smile: