Level sequencer feedback


I’m here to discuss about UE4 Level sequencer.
I’ve been using Level Sequencer for about 2 months and I have to say, It’s really awkward how It’s all the system is stitched together.

Let me point out the problems.

1. “Random” time jumps in Level Sequencer
I have no clue why is this happening, but I can reassure you It happens a lot when you create more keyframes.
I did not modify the UE4 engine at all, this is a really bothersome issue.

The video will explain it better.

2. Missing Labels for Actor References in Level Sequencer
Sometimes you may encounter “Missing Actor References” in Level Sequencer. This can happen randomly when you load a Level Sequencer.
There is a fix for this kind of issue… but when you use “Fix Actor References” option in Level Sequencer, actors will lose Label Information you’ve once given.

Please, fix this.

3. Copy-Paste keyframes
You may not encounter this If you’re using simple actors/objects… but with complex actor structure, this happens more often.

A) Unable to copy-paste MULTIPLE actors (uncommon issue)

When you select multiple keyframes in dope sheet (?) you most likely won’t be able to copy ALL of them.
For some reason, keyframes that you’ve selected do not get selected values when you inspect them.

B) Incorrect Values

This has happened to me way too many times.
Basically, If you copy Keyframe A and later paste that same Keyframe A in other frame, values will not always be the same.

Both issues are presented in video.


4. Selecting keyframes in graph editor consumes TOO MUCH RAM!
Selecting keyframes in Graph Editor will increase RAM USAGE…


5. MISSING Ability to stretch Tangent
In UE 4.19 you cannot stretch Tangents in level sequencer… but you can lever them up n down.
Many 3dSoftwares allows you to Stretch Tangents in order to get quick adjustments… but this doesn’t happen in UE4.

I’m talking about this little fella right here.

6. “Select” Options in Level Sequencer do not work.
I’ve tested both in dope sheet and in graph editor.

Those options do not work for me at ALL.

7. Selected Keyframes in Graph Editor do not translate to Dope Sheet
You can select a keyframe in dope sheet (timeline) and It will be selected in Graph Editor.
But It doesn’t work the other way around.

Selecting any keyframe in graph editor will not translate to dope sheet at all.

8. Add Extra shortcuts!
I find It weird that UE4 Engine doesn’t offer shortcuts for everything*
It’s not a huge issue, but It’s those little things that could be improved for a faster workflow.

Some shortcuts would be greatly appreciated like:
“Open Level Sequence”
“Add ***selected ***Actors to Sequencer”
“Set Key Frame”
“Snap Key Frame”
“Show 3D Trajectory”
and more…

I hope someone from Epic team will take note about Level Sequencer… because there are times that It becomes way too hard to use and not user-friendly.

P.S| The Plugin that I’m using is called “All Right Rig”