Level sequencer collision bug?

I have a level sequencer that has an animation of some rising platforms.
It works perfectly. The platforms rise and the character can jump on them to reach a higher area.
Except when I load the game to a save after the platforms are already up.

I do this buy storing data from the actor that triggers the sequencer and marking it as ‘completed’, than saving the data to a save file. On begin play the actor recovers this data and if it was saved as ‘completed’, it calls the “Go to end and stop” function in the sequencer.

Visually it works. When you load the game you can see the platforms are up as they should be. Except their collisions are now messed up. The player goes through them as if they have no collision.
It only happens after loading. There is nothing in the blueprints that change the collision of these meshes (they are simple static meshes added to the level and parented to a scene actor - the scene actor position is animated by the level sequence).

Also good to note that this used to work on UE4 and started happening when I upgraded to UE5.