Level Sequencer Camera Not Playing After Using "Open Level"

Well, I’ve discovered that setting the camera cut track to start on keyframe 1 instead of keyframe 0 fixes the issue. I don’t really understand why, as the level is already fully loaded and I even have a delay in front of the sequencer play node. For the time being, though, this is good enough. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future release.

Hey SVR33,

I’m still unable to reproduce this on my end. How are you triggering your sequence? Can you reproduce this in an example project? That other thread never got resolved and I’d really like to find a resolution for this issue.

Very similar to this thread, I’m having an issue where my sequencer camera doesn’t play after I use the “open level” function. In my sequencer, I have a collection of tracks that fire when Level1 loads and all are firing except for the camera cut track. Now, if I’m playing in the editor with Level1 open, everything works perfectly, including the camera track. However, if I actually run my MainMenuLevel and then open Level1 with the “open level” function, the camera never ‘possesses’ the view, but all the other sequencer tracks fire off as they should.