Level Sequencer camera animation FBX Export issue

We have camera pipeline that follows:

Ncam telemetry imported into UE4 as camera in Level Sequencer via custom translator.

There is a world offset needed to correctly line up the camera data. This offset is added as another track for the camera, or the camera actor is offset in world outliner.

When the offset is applied to the animated camera data, the UE4 FBX exported doesn’t seem to correctly write out a world space animation of the camera from any area of the sequencer.

The only way I can export a correct camera animation is by not having the offset track and keep the camera animation as it is imported.

As a control test I did camera tests via FBX imported from Maya to UE4 and UE4 to Maya exhibit the same issue. All works fine until a parent offset transform is added. Once this happens, the exported transforms for FBX seem to break when an offset transform is added.

Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks!