Level sequence


Could you help me?

I need a blueprint for Trigger box. If you are in the trigger box (animation read Sequence level is starting playing) that is ok. But I want to stop when I out from the box.

So, the animation is starting when I am in(that is good) but when I want to leave box animation doesn’t stop.


If you could show or draw how to do it will be great because I just started my adventure with UE4.


What Variable did you add in variable type?

I think the problem is that you’re destroying it you are acually creating a new one and then destroying it, without destroying your original sequence.

What I think you should do is to set the return node of CreateSequencePlayer as a new variable.
Then on EndOverlap, use that variable as a target for the stop node.

Before stopping it I would also check if that variable is valid.
Hope that helps!!

Yes sure thing!

This is the graph:

Thansk it is working :))