Level Sequence Transform in Local Space?

The question is pretty simple. Is it possible to create a level sequence that can be local to the level sequence actor?

If all transforms are in world space, it makes reuse of sequences kind of limited. Don’t you think?

Totally agree, facing the same problem

Same problem

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What you need to do is attach your possessed actors to your Sequencer. This will make the information within the Track for that possessed actor, relative to Sequencer.



[Peter L. Newton][2]


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the tip but this only works on that single instance. Creating a new level sequence of the same type, by dropping it in from the content browser or via code does not retain any of those objects or offsets. Lastly if you make them spawnable which is ideal in a lot of situations, they are always in world space.

Not sure if it’s still relevant for ya, but I guess this document explains how to do that:

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