Level Sequence Rendering Wonky

Hello all.

FIXED: it was the PLAYING tick box. It was checked. When I uncheck that it worked.


I’ve built out a level sequence and timeline. There are quite a number of animated props, characters, and a fair amount of audio.

When I render the movie out, I have clips starting early, then later repeating. This issue has nothing to do with warming up a render.

I’m using 5.4

My framerate for everything is 30.

Is there a main culprit for this kind of thing? I’ve been trouble shooting for a while. Thanks in advance!

In the timeline, these items are suppose to animate first:

But you can see from a movie render the wrong clips animate first (they later repeat at the proper time):

UPDATE: I’ve noticed that it’s just the female doctor and patient that are coming in early. They later both come in at the proper time. I don’t see anywhere in the timeline why they would come in early as a bug?

UPDATE 2: I deleted the patient animation in the LS and the outliner. Added him again. Same exact thing–he still drops in early.