Level Sequence not playing in packaged project


So I have a scene that is supposed to start with a camera flying through and when the player clicks a button, it stops the level sequence and switches to the ingame camera actor. This works perfectly fine when playing in the editor but as soon as I package my project it doesn´t work anymore. In the packaged project it just seems to skip the entire intro animation and starts right of at the ingame player camera.

This is my level blueprint.


What am I missing here?

Solved it! Turns out I didn´t need the first part of the blueprint telling the sequence to play at the beginning of the level, instead ticking “Auto Play” on the actor in the editor.

I’m having the exact same issue. While turning on “Auto-play” does solve the problem, I don’t want the effect to trigger every time so I’d really prefer to be able to turn it on via Event Begin. Does anyone know why this doesn’t work?


I also have the problem with packaged build. And I need to trigger sequences with blueprint. “Autoplay” is good when you only have one sequence in your level.

Did anyone find a solution to this?
I am having a similar issue. Sequencer works in PIE, but when I package (shipping) it wont run (the first time only.) I play sequencer on begin play of a level. The first time I play the game the sequencer wont run, but if I play the game again it will?
If I copy the files to a new PC and run it. The first time the sequencer wont run but each time after it will.

I don’t know if this applies to everyone here but it probably plays in the editor because it was already in ram. The first time you run it it starts loading but isn’t fast enough. The solution is to load it by default. For a sound I have it pre defined in a game mode variable (blueprint>add variable). Maybe sequences work too.