level sequence interpolation problem

Hi, I dont know If I am the only one having this issu, when I make an animation from a point to an other with the level sequencwer it work fine, the problem being if I want it to be immobile for a period of time it seem impossible, for exemple if I want someting lioke an actior go fgrom point a to point b stay in b and go to ce, the actor seem to tend to have some movement event if you put two identitcal key frame. The level sequence tend to do him some weird movement between there two idetitcal key frame. like instead of staying inhert it will start from a point do some weird move and come back to the same point

This issu is not that problematic in a visual level but its kind of annoying in other aspect of the game and could potentialy create bug, any idea how to staibilise completly my mesh during a level sequence animation?


If you right click on a key, you can set the type of it.
By default, the key interpolate with curve and that’s what’s create the motion between two identical keys.
If you set them to the “linear” type, the curve between 2 identical key will be a straight line and your problem will be solved :slight_smile:


Try the other type of key and take a look on the curve editor to see the difference ^^