Level Sequence Interpolation Choppy

Hi All,

So with Matinee going away in UE 24, i though it was finally time to start learning sequencer and start using it within levels, but iv noticed a weird problem.

In Matinee, when i would animate objects, the “Ease” in and out of key frames was really good, allowing for natural movements for larger objects.

In sequencer, im noticing that this “ease” or Interpolation is not as natural. Right around the key frame, there is this dead zone of were the object does not move, and then after a second will start again.

This seems to be the equivalent of the Quat" Interpolation found in matinee.

Iv played around with the 5 different Interpolation frame types in sequencer (auto, user ect) but its always still has that dead zone, was wondering if im missing something simple or should there be another way i should go about this.

Any help is appreciated!

Figured out that if you animate something in Matinee, then convert that animation to level sequence, it fixes the dead zone, that must mean that its something to do with the way it auto converts in between key frames if you start in level sequencer and animate something.