Level Sequence - how do I make the camera NOT move?


My problem with the Level Sequencer is that the camera ALWAYS moves, but sometimes I want it to just stand still for a while.

Can’t figure out how to do this. It seems to always adjust between 2 points (timeframes) and when I copy the exact same points for location, rotation etc., it STILL creates a little wobble movement inbetween where it goes
a bit back- and forwards.
I dont know why this is - if a position is EXACTLY the same, why move a bit inbetween? I simply don’t get it. Is there a way to freeze one value (location/rotation/ until the next keyframe?

Added a screenshot so you see how I work with the sequencer.

Please help!


Okay, it seems I figured it out by accident on my own - you need to right click the little red dots and change from cubic auto to linear

Thank you so much.