Level Sequence can't animate StaticMeshActor if actor is not in the Persistent Level (StandaloneGame only)

How to reproduce the bug:

1 - Create new project using UE 4.16.1 (I used Desktop/Console With Starter Content).
2 - Create a new level and in this, add an existing level (I added the Minimal_Default level). The bug seems to be the same for both Streaming Method (Blueprint or Always Loaded).
3 - Create a Level Sequence (is not important if is or not in the Persistent Level, the bug is the same).
4 - Add an StaticMeshActor in the Persistent Level and another one in the second level. Animate those StaticMeshActors in the new created Level Sequence.

To play the sequence, I added in the Level Blueprint an event when a key is pressed (the bug is the same if I used the Level Blueprint from Persistent Level or the second level or an Actor Blueprint).

If I choose to play in Standalone Game, only the StaticMeshActor from Persistent Level will be animated, but it will work perfect if I play in Selected Viewport or in New Editor Window.

This behavior seams to be valabile only for Level Sequences created in the UE 4.6.1.
I made the same think in UE 4.15.3. Once opened in 4.16.1 the sequence it works perfect even if I play in Standalone Game.


I tried to reproduce your issue but I am not experiencing the same behavior. Feel free to send me a test project with exactly how you have it set up, and I can take a closer look at it. I can then let you know exactly what is causing it.

Thank you


That issue was for 4.16.1 I recreated the same issue in 4.16.3. If I open the same file in 4.17.1 everything works well, as I expected.

At this time I do not know if this issue is a problem, since it works in the latest version 4.17.1

Anyway, I uploaded a file for 4.16.3 (see the link below). Nothing fancy, when you push the button M, a level sequence will play. Two cubes are animated by the level sequence.

Download link Dropbox - File Deleted


Thank you for providing an example project and more information for me to go on. Since it is working in 4.17 we consider this issue resolved at this time. If you have any questions or run into any more problems regarding this issue in 4.17 let us know.

-Thank you