Level Sequence Camera Issues 4.26

Hey UE4 gang,

I’ve been searching on the answerhub and trying everything for a solution to this problem, no luck yet, so maybe you might be able to lead me in the right direction.

I had 4 level sequences in my level. Sometimes randomly during gameplay, the view goes to one of the level sequence cameras and it just breaks my game bc of it. There’s no references calling this.

When I call the level sequences to play, 3 of them play fine. One of them plays, and then reverts to another random camera. I messed around with the “Keep State / Restore State” in the properties tab for the Camera Cuts track, deleted the Camera Cuts and put it back, and even made a Master Sequence that has only that 4th level sequence that’s more or less broken, but no dice.

I didn’t really see where to set the default game camera. Maybe it’s just playing and then reverting back to a different camera because the default is listed somewhere incorrectly?

I don’t know. I don’t even know where to look to fix it. It’s hard to keep developing when you don’t know if what you create is totally broken or not, so yeah any advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m currently in 4.26.

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Is it possible that the camera cut section doesn’t extend long enough? For example, in the following screenshot, if the camera cut section ends before the end of the playback range, it will drop the camera.

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No, I pushed the camera in the camera cuts to past the green and red on both sides.

But the game just randomly cuts to a camera from a level sequence during gameplay without being called, which means my level sequences have completely broken my game :frowning:

i am having this happen to me now too in 5.1 I’ll reply here if i find an answer. In my situation i have a master level sequence with multiple nested sequences for different cameras/action. in between cuts, the camera will show me some random part of the map for a frame before the intended camera footage