Level Sequence attached to Empty Actor does not move with Actor when reposition from Blueprint

Hello! I’m creating a first person horror game. I want to have an attack animation play when the enemy is within range of the player. I have a level sequence of the attack and it’s instance Data is overridden to an empty actor. When the attack happens, I set the location of the empty actor to the location of the player and play the sequence.

The empty Actor moves to the new location but none of the assets in the sequence move, they just play in their original position.

In the editor, if a drag the empty actor to a new location and play the sequence, the assets in the level sequence play at the new location correctly.

So basically I want when the first person player that’s running away from his/her attacker is within range, to turn, see an attack animation (a level sequence), take some damage, then “break free” from attacker and run - if attacker is in range, then repeat…

I’ve seen this in hundreds of first person games, but can’t get it to work.
Sort of like the death/attack animations in Alien Isolation.

Any suggestions?