Level Sequence Animation reference in Blueprint

Hello. I am very new to Unreal, originally from Unity. I want to make an elevator that can be triggered to go up and down, but I want to make it into a blueprint so I can duplicate it around my level and save it for other levels. I have made a simple level sequence animation clip of it going up. I know that I can get a reference to the animation from the level editor, but how do I do it from a blueprint? When I try to drag and drop the animation from the content menu into the graph editor in the elevator blueprint, it says it cant make a node out of this type of asset. But how are supposed to get animations into our blueprints?

Also, the animation I made in level sequence snaps back to the start frame after being played. So the elevator goes up all the way, then suddenly snaps back down to starting position. How can I make it so it stays up, or in other words, freeze on the last frame?